What are CBD Terpenes?

CBD Terpenes are the aroma compounds which are part of the cannabis plants. They provide a unique fragrance to the CBD oil apart from enhancing the physical and psychological relief and healing factors. They can increase or decrease certain impacts on the brain and body of the recipient. The manufacturers of CBD oil can extract the terpenes using independent procedures from the cannabis plants. Then they can blend the compounds with the CBD oil based on the specifications for healing particular physical or psychological disorders. In some cases, the terpenes are also called as strains. 


Terpenes Ingredients 

Terpenes are natural forms of hydrocarbons. They are present in cannabis, cardamom, parsley, and various plant species. They provide added sensory effects of aroma to the plant species. They also enhance the original characteristics of the bark, leaves, fruits, and roots in healing diseases and disorders. 

The aroma of CBD terpenes can be pine, lavender, citrus, rose, and many others. There are more than 100 types of terpenes which can be present in the cannabis plant. The experts can extract many of them independent of the CBD compounds. 

The main application of terpenes has been for recreational marijuana apart from being used as a medicinal compound. However, the latest research works have shown that CBD terpenes can be effective ingredients of CBD oil for treatments and medications. Here are some of the most important roles played by terpenes while working with the CBD oil. 

Role of Terpenes 


Terpenes enhance the capacity of CBD oil ingredients to bind with specific types of receptors in the human body. They can also activate the specific functions of receptors through natural stimulation. For example, you can consider beta-caryophyllene terpenes. They can activate certain CB2 receptors for reducing the sensations of pain in the muscles, central nervous system, and internal organs. 


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Inflammation is a common phenomenon which follows allergies, infections, injuries, etc. The neurotransmitters seem to play a critical role in causing the inflammation as an immediate response from the brain to the impact of injuries. Inflammations cause pain. The intensity can be severe, critical, or chronic depending on the physical conditions. 

Terpenes like Limonene can act directly on the neurotransmitters to reduce the stress and fatigue factors. They can also block the sensory transmission of pain from the affected organ to the brain. Pinene is the other type of anti-inflammation terpenes. You can also consider Caryophyllene, humulene, and other compounds. 


Anti-microbial effects of CBD terpenes can reduce the effects of infections and eliminate the microbes from the affected parts of the body. For example, you can consider the ulcer conditions related to the mouth, arterial, peptic, and others. 

Common symptoms of peptic ulcers are heartburn, nausea, belching, vomiting, and constipation or diarrhea. Most of these conditions are the direct results of microbial infections. 

CBD terpenes like Bisabolol can eliminate the majority of these microbes and restore the healthy conditions of the liver, intestine, and gastrointestinal organs. Hence, conditions like heartburn, belching, and constipation can reduce within a short time. 

There are many bioactive CBD terpenes, which can cure the various types of microbial infections like the common cold, whooping cough, ringworm, influenza, cholera, etc. They can increase the effectiveness of CBD oil and its healing intensity. 


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Anxiety is a psychological phenomenon, which is common among humans. When in normal conditions, humans can overcome anxiety within a short time without any negative impact on the mind and body. 


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The body and mind of a patient can react severely to the anxiety conditions. It can become persistent and lead to depression, self-pity, guilt and other complex issues. It could be due to many causes, including neurotransmitter disorders. 

Linalool is one of the CBD terpenes, which can work as an anti-anxiety compound. It can directly bond with the neurotransmitters like serotonin, GABA, and dopamine. The healing effects can provide long-term solutions to the anxiety-related problems to the patients. 

Some of the other terpenes which can provide healing to anxiety and depression are Caryophyllene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Terpinolene.  

Mood Enhancement

CBD terpenes can enhance the mood of patients going through anxiety and depression conditions. Normalization of everyday activities is one of the biggest benefits. It is because most of the patients may find everyday life to be a burden. The mood can hit the nadir during the peaks of depression. Some of the patients can also develop suicidal tendencies during the depression. 

CBD terpenes can heal the conditions of neurotransmitters within a short time. The patients feel immediate relief from the hopeless conditions, which they had put themselves in. Healing can be a long-term process when the conditions are critical or chronic. However, the process will happen surely without any side effects. 

Euphoria Healing 

Mood fluctuations can also lead to feelings of euphoria among anxiety-prone patients. They may feel excited about no apparent reasons at all. In such conditions, the blood pressure and diabetic conditions can vary without any control. Terpenes help to regulate blood pressure considerably. In some cases, they can also reduce the probability of hypertension and heart related disorders. 

Health Restoration 

Restoration of health among recovering patients can be complex when they have gone through treatments like chemotherapy. Pain is a constant companion. Moreover, they may have muscle cramps, nervous problems, and issues related to veins. Such patients need natural healing without the influence of any chemicals. 

CBD terpenes Humulene can be highly effective as anti-inflammation compounds. They can also heal the pain and restore normalcy conditions among cardiovascular and metabolic organs. So, the state of digestion and energy conversion can increase among recovering patients. 

The process also leads to the restoration of strength in skeletal muscles, cardiovascular muscles, and internal organs. The patients are able to resume their normal hygienic and everyday activities. 


CBD terpenes can work with the CBD oil for healing diseases and disorders among the sick and the seniors. They are natural and hence there are no negative side effects. They can also act as restorers of health and fitness factors within a short time. 





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