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Cureless is the online journal (blog) of Yoru, a Filipina, programmer, soon-to-be ex-military, an anime otaku, a casual DoTA and MMORPG gamer and a self-proclaimed artist - in short, a geeky nerd and a fan. Take a peek at her occasional ramblings about random passions and life experiences, browse her archives and works.


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Resident Webmaster of Puppets
Umm, that's her.

Yoru is this site's author. Frustrated artist, part-time blogger and fan, full-time web developer and an army service personnel, not to mention, an all-around wife/girlfriend. She doesn't claim any expertise in those mentioned fields, by the way. But she had dealt with webpages since 2000, graphic arts and blogging since 2002, web development since 2004 and her hubby since 2005.

the Fan

Anime. L'arc~en~Ciel. Blue Eagles & Philippine basketball. Metallica & melodic death metal. Filipino comics. Japanese manga. Korean romantic comedies. FOOD. Actually, they are too many to be mentioned. Seriously speaking though, it was anime that started Yoru's passion for the web. Her first website was an anime shrine at Geocities.

the Blogger

And then she began expressing her fascination through the blog. There she met other people who are more or less weird like herself. Her first blog was founded at Pitas. And she celebrates her blog anniversary every June.

the Web Developer

So she was a fanatic. Now she's a web developer. But would you believe she graduated BS Physics in college? She could have just added frustrated physicist among the description. Nah. Her background in computer programming is traced back to her 'other' unfinished college course that is Computer Engineering. The year 2004 has successfully beckoned Yoru into following her heart's desires. That's how she decided to be involved in web development and programming.

the Soldier

Still the same year, 2004. In one of her dreams, Yoru wanted to become a saint. Influenced by her four-year Jesuit education, she was inspired by St. Ignatius' deeds. She thought she could do more for her countrymen by serving the government through the Army. Now, she thinks otherwise.

the All-around...

Don't get her wrong. Not a single moment she regrets being in the army at all! That's because she found the most precious treasure in following her dreams. Whether it was destiny, fate, divine intervention, or whatnot, it's really hard to explain the turn of events that brought them together. Nevertheless, according to the hubby's words, "it's definitely not a coincidence". Yoru now dreams not of being a saint, but of a bigger future with her beloved.

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